Instructions for use Papillor

Papillor instructions for the use of cream

instructions for use Papillor

How to use the cream is struggling with viral growths on the skin, described in the instructions to the drug. You can read it below, or find a paper version in the package with the tool. Apply the cream, following the instructions to get maximum and rapid effect.

Apply the cream on clean and dry skin. RUB the tool gently until completely absorbed. Use the drug three times a day for months.

Directions for use

  • Warts on the skin growths of unknown origin.
  • Papillomas, warts.
  • The dryness, the irritation and itching of the skin.


Ultra active cream for all types of papillomas and warts Papillor there are no contraindications or adverse effects due to its natural composition, which can be used for the treatment of papilloma virus every person in the Czech Republic . The only contraindication can be allergic to any of the components, to test yourself, causing a small amount of cream on the elbow. Food in the next 15-20 minutes you have irritation or itching, apply cream is not recommended.